Cover Page

Volume 42 Issue 0

March 2014


Consumption of branded fashion apparel: Gender differences in behavior PDF
Umut Ayman (Eastern Mediterranean University), Anil K. Kaya (Eastern Mediterranean University) S1-S8
Do age and gender influence multiple intelligences? PDF
İpek Meneviş (Eastern Mediterranean University), Bahire Efe Özad (Eastern Mediterranean University) S9-S20
A comparative analysis of perfectionism and the density of experiencing catharsis PDF
Yağmur Çerkez (Near East University), Cem Birol (Near East University) S21-S30
Impact of use of technology in mathematics lessons on student achievement and attitudes PDF
Ramadan Eyyam (Eastern Mediterranean University), Hüseyin S. Yaratan (Eastern Mediterranean University) S31-S42
Attachment needs and social networking sites PDF
Bahire Efe Özad (Eastern Mediterranean University), Gülen Uygarer (Eastern Mediterranean University) S43-S52
Problem-solving skills employed by gifted children and their peers in public primary schools in Turkey PDF
Gizem Saygili (Süleyman Demirel University) S53-S64
Outcomes of play-based home support for children with autism spectrum disorder PDF
Oktay Taymaz Sari (Marmara University) S65-S80
Developing a bullying scale for use with university students PDF
Nazan Doğruer (Eastern Mediterranean University), Hüseyin Yaratan (Eastern Mediterranean University) S81-S92
The principal and healthy school climate PDF
Celal Gülsen (Fatih University), Gülden Buçkün Gülenay (Fatih University) S93-S100
College students' cheating behaviors PDF
Seval Eminoğlu Küçüktepe (Marmara University) S101-S112