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Volume 41 Issue 6

July 2013


The mediating effects of attribution styles on the relationship between overt-covert narcissism and forgiveness PDF
Young Sun Ra (Chung-Ang University), Sung Yi Cha (Chung-Ang University), Myoung-Ho Hyun (Chung-Ang University), Sung Man Bae (Chung-Ang University) 881-892
Alteration of adolescent self-efficacy when applying brief counseling at school PDF
Vinga Rakauskiene (Lithuanian Sports University), Audrone Dumciene (Lithuanian Sports University) 893-900
The effect of perspective taking on negative cognitive responses induced by intergroup threat PDF
Qing Yang (Southwest University), Yufang Zhao (Southwest University) 901-906
Chinese male addicts’ drug craving and their global and contingent self-esteem PDF
Xiao Chen (Beijing Normal University - Zhuhai Campus), Jun Ye (Beijing Normal University - Zhuhai Campus), Hui Zhou (Sun Yat-Sen University) 907-920
Content and construct of counterproductive work behavior in a Chinese context PDF
Shiyong Xu (Renmin University of China), Qing Wang (Renmin University of China), Cong Liu (Hofstra University), Yuhui Li (Renmin University of China), Kan Ouyang (Hong Kong Polytechnic University) 921-932
Emotional labor strategy and job satisfaction: A Chinese perspective PDF
Xuan Jiang (Yanbian University), Zhou Jiang (Macquarie University), Dong Soo Park (Yeungnam University) 933-938
The effects of a food project on children’s categorization skills PDF
Durmuş Aslan (Cukurova University) 939-946
Can evaluative conditioning change implicit attitudes towards recycling? PDF
Liuna Geng (Nanjing University), Lijuan Liu (Nanjing University), Jiayao Xu (Nanjing University), Kexin Zhou (Nanjing Institute of Environmental Sciences, Ministry of Environmental Protection), Ying Fang (Nanjing Institute of Environmental Sciences, Ministry of Environmental Protection) 947-956
Workplace pressure moderates perception of threat or opportunity and employee creativity after downsizing PDF
Jing Long (Nanjing University) 957-970
Alcohol consumption amongst young adults living in a low socioeconomic status community in Cape Town PDF
Sabirah Adams (University of the Western Cape), Shazly Savahl (University of the Western Cape), Serena Isaacs (University of the Western Cape), Cassandra Zeta Carels (University of the Western Cape) 971-980
Do collectivists conform more than individualists? Cross-cultural differences in compliance and internalization PDF
Se Hyung (David) Oh (Konkuk University) 981-994
Effects of gender and sex-role orientation on sexual attitudes among Turkish university students PDF
Zeynep Hatipoğlu Sumer (Middle East Technical University) 995-1008
Position, experience, and knowledge creation: A longitudinal case study of Chinese academic networks PDF
Su-Chin Chiu (Chienkuo Technology University) 1009-1018
Organizational change and employee organizational identification: Mediation of perceived uncertainty PDF
Jungsik Kim (Kwangwoon University), Eugene Song (Hanyang University - Erica), Seongsoo Lee (Sun Moon University) 1019-1034
Evaluating student interpreters’ stress and coping strategies PDF
Po-Chi Kao (Chang Gung University), Philip Craigie (Chaoyang University of Technology) 1035-1044
Subjective happiness and health behavior among a sample of university students in India PDF
Karl Peltzer (Human Sciences Research Council, South Africa, University of Limpopo, and Madidol University), Supa Pengpid (University of Limpopo and Madidol University) 1045-1056