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Volume 41 Issue 5

June 2013


The impact of negative interpersonal life events on social adaptation of Chinese college students: Mediator effect of self-esteem PDF
Wentao Li (Ningbo University), Lin Zhang (Ningbo University), Binbin Liu (Ningbo University), Huaying Cao (Ningbo University) 705-714
Motivational changes in an English foreign language online reading context PDF
Hsin-Chou Huang (National Taiwan Ocean University) 715-720
Understanding cooperation in a single-trial Prisoner’s Dilemma game: Interactions among three conditions PDF
Xi Yang (Southwest University), Tingyan Li (Southwest University), Yong Zheng (Southwest University) 721-730
The influence of message appeal, environmental hyperopia, and environmental locus of control on green policy communication PDF
Yu-Kang Lee (National Sun Yat-sen University) 731-738
Dispositional manpower quality as a predictor of personal and departmental human resource performance PDF
Jun-Yen Wu (TransWorld University), Chin-Yi Chen (National Yunlin University of Science and Technology), Chun-I Li (TransWorld University) 739-750
Factor analysis of the regulatory emotional self-efficacy scale of Chinese college students PDF
Xiaojun Zhao (Shaanxi Normal University; Anqing Normal College), Xuqun You (Shaanxi Normal University), Changxiu Shi (Anqing Normal College), Xiufei Yang (Anqing Normal College), Kaiwen Chu (Anqing Normal College), Zhengmin Peng (Hong Kong Shue Yan University) 751-760
Training transfer in the Taiwanese hotel industry: Factors and outcomes PDF
Chun-Chieh Ma (National University of Tainan), Hsiao-Ping Chang (Yu Da University; National Sun Yat-sen University) 761-776
A comparison of active and passive procrastination in relation to academic motivation PDF
Eun Hee Seo (Seoul Women's University) 777-786
The effect of implementation intentions on reactions to nonspecified situational cues PDF
Ye Yang (Changshu Institute of Technology), Hong Zhang (Nanjing University) 787-794
Development of a model connecting self-directive value and satisfaction of sociability needs in sport spectators PDF
Li-Shiue Gau (Asia University, Taiwan) 795-804
Coping and mental health of Iranian social workers: The impact of client violence PDF
Mojgan Padyab (Umeå University), Mehdi Ghazinour (Umeå University), Jörg Richter (Centre for Children and Adolescents Mental Health, Oslo, Norway) 805-814
Effects of self-esteem level on risk preference in different tasks PDF
Jiuhua Zheng (East China Normal University and Shenyang Normal University), Yilu Zhong (East China Normal University), Yongfang Liu (East China Normal University) 815-818
Impact of extroversion and introversion on language-learning behaviors PDF
M. Naci Kayaoglu (Karadeniz Technical University) 819-826
Is younger really better? Anxiety about learning a foreign language in Turkish children PDF
Esim Gursoy (Uludag University), Feride Akin (Göynükbelen Primary School) 827-842
Psychological contract breach and turnover intention: The moderating roles of adversity quotient and gender PDF
Pao-Ling Chin (National Taipei University and Chihlee Institute of Technology), Min-Li Hung (Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology) 843-860
Measuring military identity: Scale development and psychometric evaluations PDF
Rino Bandlitz Johansen (Norwegian Defence University College), Jon Christian Laberg (University of Bergen, and Norwegian Airforce Academy), Monica Martinussen (University of Tromsø and Norwegian Defence University College) 861-880