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Volume 40 Issue 8

September 2012


Effect of academic comparisons on the subjective well-being of Chinese secondary school students PDF
Yinghua Ye (Zhejiang University), Weihui Mei (Zhejiang University), Yaoyao Liu (Zhejiang University), Xiuming Li (Youth and Children’s Center, Hangzhou) 1233-1238
The relationship between leisure and well-being in Taiwanese college students PDF
Wan-Chi Yang (National Pingtung University of Science and Technology), Ko-Chia Chen (Meiho University), Yao-Shun Hsueh (Yung Ta Institute of Technology & Commerce), Chao-Ping Tan (Taoyuan Innovation Institute of Technology), Chia-Ming Chang (National Chiayi University) 1245-1254
The effects of striped clothing on perceptions of body size PDF
Viren Swami (University of Westminster), Amy Sunshine Harris (University of Westminster) 1239-1244
Drinking motives, sensation seeking, and alcohol use among Thai high school students PDF
Penprapa Siviroj (Chiang Mai University), Karl Peltzer (Human Sciences Research Council and University of the Free State), Supa Pengpid (University of Limpopo), Yongyuth Yungyen (Ministry of Public Health, Thailand), Achara Chaichana (Ministry of Public Health, Thailand) 1255-1262
Risk and consumer debt behaviors in China PDF
Jiangqun Liao (Tsinghua University), Xiaoyan Liu (Peking University) 1263-1270
Service quality, customer satisfaction, customer trust, and loyalty in an e-banking context PDF
Po-Young Chu (National Chiao Tung University), Gin-Yuan Lee (Ming Hsin University of Science and Technology), Yu Chao (Chung Hua University) 1271-1284
How subjective well-being affects emotional processing: The role of event-related potentials PDF
Guo-Ming Yu (Renmin University of China), Biao Li (Renmin University of China) 1285-1292
Conscientiousness and organizational citizenship behavior: The mediating role of organizational justice PDF
Aiqin Lv (Shandong University), Xiuqin Shen (Shandong University), Yongfu Cao (Shandong University), Yonggang Su (Shandong University), Xiaoyang Chen (Shandong University) 1293-1300
Analyzing peer pressure and self-efficacy expectations among adolescents PDF
Binnaz Kıran-Esen (Mersin University) 1301-1310
Need for achievement, education, and entrepreneurial risk-taking behavior PDF
Shouming Chen (Tongji University), Xuemei Su (California State University-Long Beach), Sibin Wu (University of Texas-Pan American) 1311-1318
Outside directors’ social capital and firm performance: A complex network approach PDF
Ji-Hwan Lee (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), Chul Choi (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies), Jae Min Kim (Korea Institute for Defense Analysis) 1319-1332
Cramming, active procrastination, and academic achievement PDF
Eun Hee Seo (Seoul Women's University) 1333-1340
Interactional justice and counterproductive work behaviors: The mediating role of negative emotions PDF
Jeanne Le Roy (European Business School Paris - LAPPS), Marina Bastounis (Paris Descartes University and Rouen Business School), Jale Minibas-Poussard (Galatasaray University) 1341-1356
Communication skills of Roma and non-Roma mothers and receptive language levels of their children PDF
Maide Orçan (Selçuk University), Canan Yıldız Çiçekler (Selçuk University), Neriman Aral (Ankara University) 1357-1364
The psychological explanation of conformity PDF
Guandong Song (Northeastern University), Qinhai Ma (Northeastern University), Fangfei Wu (Shenyang Jianzhu University), Lin Li (Northeastern University) 1365-1372
Can an emotional intelligence program improve adolescents’ psychosocial adjustment? Results from the INTEMO project PDF
Desiree Ruiz-Aranda (University of Malaga), Jose Martín Salguero (University of Malaga), Rosario Cabello (University of Malaga), Raquel Palomera (University of Cantabria), Pablo Fernández-Berrocal (University of Malaga) 1373-1380
Extended service quality model: Causes of agency problems and ethical sales behavior PDF
Chun-Chang Lee (National Pingtung Institute of Commerce) 1381-1400
Fathers’ parenting and children’s adjustment: The mediating role of father-child conflict PDF
Xiayun Yin (Central South University), Zhihua Li (Central South University), Linyan Su (Central South University) 1401-1408