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Volume 39 Issue 2

March 2011


A hybrid e-learning model incorporating some of the principal learning theories PDF
August Tsai (Chin Yun University) 145-152
Product involvement in the link between skepticism toward advertising and its effects PDF
Fang-Ping Chen (National Central University), Jun-Der Leu (National Central University) 153-160
Temporary worker performance and its antecedent factors from the viewpoint of relationship marketing PDF
Ying-Chyi Chou (Tunghai University), Pao-Long Chang (Feng Chia University), Hsin-Yi Yen (Feng Chia University) 161-172
Measuring collectivism and individualism in the third millennium PDF
Boaz Shulruf (University of Auckland), Marianna Alesi (University of Palermo), Laura Ciochina (University of Porto), Luisa Faria (University of Porto), John Hattie (University of Auckland), Fu Hong (Nanjing University), Anna-Maria Pepi (University of Palermo), David Watkins (University of Hong Kong) 173-188
The effects of conflict on team decision making PDF
Long Cheng (Zhejiang University), Zhong-Ming Wang (Zhejiang University), Wei Zhang (Zhejiang University) 189-198
Self-perceptions about properties affecting assertiveness of trainee counselors PDF
F. Ebru Ikiz (Dokuz Eylul University) 199-206
Students’ perceptions of school social climate during high school transition and academic motivation: A Chinese sample PDF
Yangyang Liu (Southeast University), Zuhong Lu (Southeast University) 207-208
The relationship of procrastination, flow, and academic achievement PDF
Eun Hee Seo (Seoul Women’s University) 209-218
Turkish adolescent health risk behaviors and self-esteem PDF
Emine Geckil (Adiyaman University), Ozlem Dundar (Adiyaman University) 219-228
Increasing implicit life satisfaction PDF
Daisung Jang (Washington University in St. Louis), Do-Yeong Kim (Ajou University) 229-240
The effects of parent education programs on the development of children aged between 60 and 72 months PDF
Neriman Aral (Ankara University), Gulen Baran (Ankara University), Figen Gursoy (Ankara University), Aysel Koksal Akyol (Ankara University), Aynur Butun Ayhan (Ankara University), Mudriye Yildiz Bicakci (Ankara University), Serap Erdogan (Ankara University) 241-250
Modeling motivations for blogging: An expectancy theory analysis PDF
Hsiu-Li Liao (Chung Yuan Christian University), Su-Houn Liu (Chung Yuan Christian University), Shih-Ming Pi (Chung Yuan Christian University) 251-264
Innovation strategies for organizational change in a tea restaurant culture: A social behavior perspective PDF
Jeou-Shyan Horng (De Lin Institute of Technology), Meng-Lei (Monica) Hu (Jinwen University of Science and Technology), Jon-Chao Hong (National Taiwan Normal University), Yi-Chia Lin (Yuda High School) 265-274
The perceived risks of online shopping in Taiwan PDF
Shih-Ming Pi (Chung Yuan Christian University), Jirapa Sangruang (Chung Yuan Christian University) 275-286
The effect of the color red on avoidance motivation PDF
Ayumi Tanaka (Doshisha University), Yuki Tokuno (Doshisha University) 287-288