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Volume 7 Issue 2

August 1979


Person perception and the evaluation of Aboriginal topical art: How to change stereotypes PDF
Knud S. Larsen (Oregan State University) 113-120
The attributor's unprompted use of strength and direction of consensus information PDF
Sharon D. Herzberger (Northwestern University) 121-128
Sociality: A Content Analysis Scale for verbalizations PDF
Linda L. Viney (Macquarie University), Mary Westbrook (Cumberland College of Health Sciences) 129-138
Attribution of responsibility for joint work outcomes in dyads of high and low attraction in a natural setting PDF
Egon Kayser (Universität Mannheim), Helmut Lamm (Pädagogische Hochschule, Köln) 139-144
Correlates of physical beauty in men and women PDF
Theodore Horvath (University of Windsor) 145-152
Body build perceptions in male and female college students PDF
Roger C. Bailey (East Tennessee State University), Norman Hankins (East Tennessee State University) 153-156
Estimates of fakeability on the Eysenck Personality Questionnaire PDF
Robert Loo (University of Calgary), Pam Wudel (University of Calgary) 157-160
Self-disclosure and psychological construing: A personal construct approach to interpersonal perceptions PDF
Greg J. Neimeyer (University of Notre Dame), Paul G. Banikiotes (University of Notre Dame), Lynn Ianni (University of Notre Dame) 161-166
Somatopsychic effects of hypertension: A theoretical position PDF
Gail S. Gibson (Alabama Agricultral and Mechanical University), Frank Benson III (University of Alabama Birmingham Medical School) 167-168
The discriminating power of ecological variables in the recruitment of men and women rural politicians PDF
Woodrow Jones (San Diego State University), Rachel Starr (Montana State University) 169-172
Detecting psychopathological reactions to natural disaster: a methodological note PDF
Ronald W. Perry (Battelle Human Affairs Research Centers) 173-178
Performance components of field-dependence measures and the application of multivariate procedures PDF
Robert Loo (University of Calgary) 179-184
Perception of time among college students and residents of a metropolitan community PDF
Fredrick Koenig (Tulane University) 185-188
Supporting single cause inferences when multiple causation is implied PDF
Richard E. Vestewig (Wright State University) 189-192
Evaluation apprehension, social desirability, and the interpretation of test correlations PDF
Charles B. Thomas, Jr. (The John Hopkins University), Judith A. Hall (The John Hopkins University), Frederick D. Miller (New York University), Joseph R. Dewhirst (Harvard University), Gary Alan Fine (University of Minnesota), Marylee Taylor (Pennsylvania State University), Ralph L. Rosnow (Temple University) 193-198
Willingness to provide feedback to depressed persons PDF
Brian P. Robbins (University of California), Stephen Strack (University of California), James C. Coyne (University of California) 199-204
Personality characteristics related to susceptibility to behavioral contagion PDF
James O. Ogunlade (University of Lagos) 205-208
Cognitive impulsivity and social status in predelinquent pre-adolescent males PDF
David S. Glenwick (Kent State University), Roxanne G. F. Croft (Rutgers College Counseling Center), Ralph Barocas (University of Rochester), Harvey K. Black (SUNY College at New Paltz) 209-216
Psychological time and sociology: A research agenda PDF
H. Wayne Hogan (Cookeville) 217-222
Approach-avoidance behaviors as a function of pleasantness and arousing quality of settings and individual differences in stimulus screening PDF
Melissa Hines (University of California), Albert Mehrabian (University of California) 223-234