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Volume 35 Issue 10

November 2007


Relations of changes in physical self-appraisal and perceived energy with weight change in obese women beginning a supported exercise and nutrition information program PDF
James Annesi (YMCA of Metropolitan Atlanta) 1295-1300
Psychological distress, experiences of ego loss and spirituality: Exploring the effects of spiritual practice PDF
Niko Kohls (The University of Northampton), Harald Walach (The University of Northampton) 1301-1316
The relationship between extroversion and leisure motivation: Evidence from fitness center participation PDF
Julia Ying-Chao Lin (Tainan University of Technology), Lily Shui-Lien Chen (National Central University), Edward Shih-Tse Wang (National Central University), Julian Ming-Sung Cheng (National Central University) 1317-1322
Association between personality traits and attending a fitness center PDF
Lily Shui-Lien Chen (Hsing Wu College), Yung-Hsin Lee (Hsing Wu College), Yuan Chang (National Chengchi University) 1323-1324
Beliefs versus actions: Assessing abortion views and behaviors at two colleges PDF
Michael W. Firmin (Cedarville University), Chi-en Hwang (Cedarville University), Jennifer Wood (Cedarville University) 1325-1334
Object relation quality, alexithymia, and defense mechanisms of drug abusers with antisocial personality disorder PDF
Kristian Aleman (Lund University) 1335-1352
Loneliness, social connectedness, and family income among undergraduate females and males in Taiwan PDF
Li-Jane Chen (National Chengchi University and Tungnan University), Shi-Kai Chung (National Chengchi University) 1353-1364
The effects of an emotional intelligence education program on the emotional intelligence of children PDF
Ilkay Ulutas (Gazi University), Esra Omeroğlu (Gazi University) 1365-1372
Development of the Agency and Communion Scale PDF
Shih-Ming Li (Toko University), Li-Chung Tseng (Toko University), Chin-Sheng Wu (National Taichung University), Ciou-Jhen Chen (Toko University) 1373-1378
Agreeableness and leisure satisfaction in the context of online games PDF
Jia-Jeng Hou (National Chiayi University), Hung-Jen (Hill) Tu (Yu-Da College of Business), Ming-Feng Yang (Yu-Da College of Business) 1379-1384
Psychometric properties of Raven’s colored progressive matrices for Omani children aged 5 through 11 years PDF
Ali M. Kazem (Sultan Qaboos University), Abdulqawi S. Alzubiadi (Sultan Qaboos University), Yousif H. Yousif (Sultan Qaboos University), Fawzia A. Aljamali (Sultan Qaboos University), Skreen I. Al-Mashhdany (Sultan Qaboos University), Hussain A Alkharusi (Sultan Qaboos University), Omayma B. Al-Busaidi (Sultan Qaboos University), Abdullah M. Alsarmi (Ministry of Higher Education), Sana S. Al-Bulushi (Ministry of Education), Wedad A. Al-Bahrani (Ministry of Education, Oman), Suad M. Al-Fori (Ministry of Education) 1385-1398
The impact of neuroticism on leisure satisfaction: Online game application PDF
Hung-Jen (Hill) Tu (Yu-Da College of Business), Lily Shui-Lien Chen (Hsing-Wu College), Michael Chih-Hung Wang (National Central University), Julia Ying-Chao Lin (Tainan University of Technology) 1399-1404
Sociometric status, depression, and locus of control among Turkish early adolescents PDF
Alim Kaya (Inonu University) 1405-1414
Performance anxiety, dysfunctional attitudes and gender in university music students PDF
Zeynep Deniz Yondem (Abant Izzet Baysal University) 1415-1426
Personality and intention to share knowledge: An empirical study of scientists in an R&D Laboratory PDF
Chih-Chien Wang (National Taipei University), Yann-Jy Yang (National Chengchi University) 1427-1436