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Volume 35 Issue 1

February 2007


Perception of female buttocks and breast size in profile PDF
Adrian Furnham (University College London), Viren Swami (University College London) 1-8
What price do you ask for the "Extra One"?: A social value orientation perspective PDF
Chien-Huang Lin (National Central University), Hung-Ming Lin (National Central University and Ming Hsin University of Science and Technology) 9-18
Factor analysis and psychometric evaluation of the Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale (CD-RISC) with Chinese people PDF
Xiaonan Yu (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Jianxin Zhang (Chinese Academy of Sciences) 19-30
Group formation in a simulated scavenger hunt: How big and diverse should a successful group be? PDF
W. Andrew Harrell (University of Alberta) 31-40
Gender differences in relational and physical aggression PDF
Leslie A. Burton (Fordham University), Jessica Hafetz (Fordham University), Debra Henninger (Fordham University) 41-50
Future time orientation and religion PDF
Bengi Oner-Ozkan (Middle East Technical University) 51-62
A self-presentational approach to transmission of good and bad news PDF
Ahmet Uysal (Middle East Technical University), Bengi Oner-Ozkan (Middle East Technical University) 63-78
Identity status of Turkish university students in relation to their evaluation of family problems PDF
Yasemin Akman (Hacettepe University) 79-88
Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus risk perception by Healthcare Personnel in a public hospital PDF
Dongo Remi Kouabenan (Université Pierre Mendès France), Michel Dubois (Université Pierre Mendès France), Regis De Gaudemaris (Université Joseph Fourier), Fabien Scarnato (Université Joseph Fourier), Marie-Reine Mallaret (Université Joseph Fourier) 89-100
Applying theories of Institutional Helping to Informal Volunteering: Motives, role identity, and prosocial personality PDF
Marcia A. Finkelstein (University of South Florida), Michael Brannick (University of South Florida) 101-114
Perceived paternal and maternal acceptance and children's outcomes in Colombia PDF
Marisol Lila (Universidad de Valencia), Fernando Garcia (Universidad de Valencia), Enrique Gracia (Universidad de Valencia) 115-124
Love of life as a new construct in the well-being domain PDF
Ahmed Abdel-Khalek (Kuwait University) 125-134
The antecedents of help giving in Chinese culture: Attribution, judgment of responsibility, expectation change and the reaction of affect PDF
Aiqing Zhang (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Feifei Xia (Shanghai Jianfeng Vocational College), Chengwei Li (Bei Hang University) 135-142