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Volume 34 Issue 9

October 2006


Perceptions of college women with disordered eating and exercise patterns PDF
Jessica R. Johnstone (Colorado State University), Kathryn M. Rickard (Colorado State University) 1035-1050
An empirical exploration of the effect of personality on general and job-related mental ill health PDF
Jacek Hochwalder (Stockholm Centre of Public Health and Mid Sweden University) 1051-1070
Play and health among a group of adult business executives PDF
Joseph A. Doster (University of North Texas), Rebecca K. Mielke (University of North Texas), Celeste A. Riley (University of North Texas), J. Raphael Toledo (University of North Texas), Arthur J. Goven (University of North Texas), Renee Moorefield (Wisdom Works, CO) 1071-1080
Temporal stability of the Francis Scale of Attitude Toward Christianity among 9- to 11-year-old English children: Test-retest data over six weeks PDF
Christopher Alan Lewis (University of Ulster at Magee College), Sharon Mary Cruise (University of Ulster at Magee College), Conor McGuckin (Dublin Business School of Arts), Leslie J. Francis (University of Wales) 1081-1086
Assessing the cuteness of children: Significant factors and gender differences PDF
Reiko Koyama (Funai Consulting Co. Ltd.), Yuwen Takahashi (Shinshu University), Kazuo Mori (Shinshu University) 1087-1100
Cross-cultural validation of measures of traumatic symptoms in groups of asylum seekers from Chechnya, Afghanistan, and West Africa PDF
Walter Renner (Alps-Adria-University of Klagenfurt), Ingrid Salem (Alps-Adria-University of Klagenfurt), Klaus Ottomeyer (Alps-Adria-University of Klagenfurt) 1101-1114
The effect of the Interactive Small Group Study method on democratic attitudes and self- expression ability PDF
Mehmet Taspinar (Firat University) 1115-1126
The effect of problem-based learning on the critical thinking of students in the Intellectual and Ethical Development Unit PDF
Nuriye Semerci (Firat University) 1127-1136
Antigay prejudice among heterosexual males: Right-wing authoritarianism as a stronger predictor than social-dominance orientation and heterosexual identity PDF
Christopher R. Stones (Rhodes University) 1137-1150
Examining the burnout of academics in relation to job satisfaction and other factors PDF
Filiz Bilge (Hacettepe University) 1151-1160
The relationships among coping with stress, life satisfaction, decision-making styles and decision self-esteem: An investigation with Turkish university students PDF
M. Engin Deniz (Selcuk University) 1161-1170
Developing a Teacher Trainees? Democratic Values scale: Validity and reliability analyses PDF
Kiymet Selvi (University of Anadolu) 1171-1178