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Volume 34 Issue 8

September 2006


Therapeutic and nontherapeutic reactions in a group of nurses and doctors in Turkey to patients who have attempted suicide PDF
Fatma Demirkiran (Adnan Menderes University), Mehmet Eskin (Adnan Menderes University) 891-906
Personal and family paths to pupil achievement PDF
Bader O. Alomar (University of Kuwait) 907-922
The relationship between right-wing authoritarianism and attitudes toward violence: Further validation of the Attitudes Toward Violence Scale PDF
Arlin James Benjamin, Jr. (Oklahoma Panhandle State University) 923-926
Body image and personality traits of male-to-female transsexuals and homosexuals PDF
Ali Bozkurt (Gülhane Military School of Medicine), Hasmet Isikli (Kasimpasa Naval Hospital), Fusun Demir (Kasimpasa Naval Hospital), K. Nahit Ozmenler (Gülhane Military School of Medicine), Zeynep Gulcat (Gülhane Military School of Medicine), Tunay Karlidere (Gülhane Military School of Medicine), Hamdullah Aydin (Gülhane Military School of Medicine) 927-938
Perceived personal changes in Chinese ex-mental patients attending a Holistic Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program PDF
Andrew L. Luk (Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau), Daniel T. L. Shek (The Chinese University of Hong Kong) 939-954
Intention to oppose animal research: The role of individual differences in nonconformity PDF
Ronald E. Goldsmith (Florida State University), Ronald A. Clark (East Carolina University), Barbara Lafferty (University of South Florida) 955-964
Gender differences in health problems among Kuwait university undergraduates PDF
Bader Mohammed Alansari (Kuwait University) 965-978
Single, physically active, female: The effects of information about exercise participation and body weight on perceptions of young women PDF
Kathleen Martin Ginis (McMaster University), Mark R. Leary (Wake Forest University) 979-990
The effect of ballet dance attire on body and self-perceptions of female dancers PDF
Brena R. Price (Mercyhurst College), Terry F. Pettijohn II (Mercyhurst College) 991-998
Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms in college students with a chronic illness PDF
Lamia P. Barakat (Drexel University), Ericka L. Wodka (Drexel University) 999-1006
Changes in self-efficacy and decisional balance following an intervention to increase consumption of calcium-rich foods PDF
Kambiz Karimzadeh Shirazi (Tarbiat Modares University), Shamsaddin Niknami (Tarbiat Modares University), Louise Wallace (Coventry University), Alireza Hidarnia (Tarbiat Modares University), Elaheh Rahimi (Tehran, Iran), Soghrate Faghihzadeh (Tarbiat Modares University) 1007-1016
Dependency, self-criticism, and the Symptom Specificity Hypothesis in a Depressed Clinical Sample PDF
Mattias Desmet (University of Ghent), Stijn Vanheule (University of Ghent), Paul Verhaeghe (University of Ghent) 1017-1026
The need for continuing education in Management Development: Case of Kuwait University PDF
Eissa M. Alansari (Kuwait University), Ali J. Al-Shehab (Kuwait University) 1027-1034