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Volume 34 Issue 1

February 2006


Depressive Experiences Questionnaire: Does it measure maladaptive and adaptive forms of dependency? PDF
Carolina McBride (University of Toronto), David C. Zuroff (McGill University), Jason Bacchiochi (University of Toronto), R. Michael Bagby (University of Toronto) 1-16
Impact of maternal directiveness and overprotectiveness on the personality development of a sample of individuals with acquired blindness PDF
Mauro Adenzato (University of Turin), Rita B. Ardito (University of Turin), Elena Izard (University of Turin) 17-26
The effects of locus of control, communication skills and social support on assertiveness in female nursing students PDF
Kamile Kukulu (Akdeniz University), Kadriye Bulduloglu (Akdeniz University), Özen Kulakac (Akdeniz University), Can Deniz Koksal (Akdeniz University) 27-40
The opinions of medicine faculty students regarding cheating in relation to Kohlberg's moral development concept PDF
Cetin Semerci (Firat University) 41-50
Are fatalism and optimism an obstacle to developing self-protecting behaviors? Study with a Turkish sample PDF
Aybe Sibel Turkum (Anadolu University) 51-58
Categorical and continuous measurement of sex-role orientation: Differences in associations with young adults' reports of well-being PDF
H. Durell Johnson (Pennsylvania State University), Renae McNair (Pennsylvania State University), Alex Vojick (Pennsylvania State University), Darcy Congdon (Pennsylvania State University), Jennifer Monacelli (Pennsylvania State University), Janine Lamont (Pennsylvania State University) 59-76
Religious tendency and gender roles: Predictors of the attitudes toward women's work roles? PDF
Seher Sevim (Ankara University) 77-86
Validation of Zung's Self-rating Depression Scale among the Colombian general population PDF
Adalberto Campo-Arias (Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga), Luis Alfonso Diaz-Martinez (Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga), German Eduardo Rueda-Jaimes (Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga), Laura del Pilar Cadena (Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga), Nubia Leonor Hernandez (Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga) 87-94
Sex differences and similarities in frequency and intensity of sexual desire PDF
Pamela C. Regan (California State University), Leah Atkins (California State University) 95-102