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Volume 33 Issue 5

August 2005


Soccer fans' motivation as a predictor of participation in soccer-related activities: An empirical examination in Israel PDF
Aaron Cohen (University of Haifa), Anat Avrahami (University of Haifa) 419-434
Perception of economic distributive justice: Exploring leading theories PDF
Sik Hung Ng (City University of Hong Kong), Michael W. Allen (Griffith University) 435-454
A comparison of amusingness for Japanese children and senior citizens of The Story of Little Black Sambo in the traditional version and a nonracist version PDF
Kazuo Mori (Shinshu University) 455-466
Immigration from an attachment perspective PDF
Yolanda van Ecke (University of Amsterdam) 467-476
Age, culture, and the antecedents of loneliness PDF
Ami Rokach (The Institute for the Study and Treatment of Psychosocial Stress), Felix Neto (Universidad de Porto) 477-494
Disordered personality traits in primary headaches PDF
Wei Wang (Zhejiang University School of Medicine and Anhui Medical University), Tingzhong Yang (Zhejiang University School of Medicine), Huanqing Zhu (Hainan Medical College), Fuqiang Mao (Tianjing Medical University), W. John Livesley (University of British Columbia), Roseann M. Larstone (University of British Columbia), Kerry L. Jang (University of British Columbia) 495-502
Relationship between depression and anxiety among undergraduate students in eighteen Arab countries: A cross-cultural study PDF
Bader M. Alansari (Kuwait University) 503-512
Interethnic aggression and willingness to help: Judgments of Black and White victims and perpetrators PDF
Anna K. Lee (Howard University), Kellina M. Craig-Henderson (Howard University) 513-522