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Volume 32 Issue 1

February 2004


Effects of health-based and appearance-based exercise advertising on exercise attitudes, social physique anxiety and self-presentation in an exercise setting PDF
Tanya R. Berry (University of Victoria), Bruce L. Howe (University of Victoria) 1-12
Ramadan fasting - Effect on healthy Muslims PDF
Masahiro Toda (Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine), Kanehisa Morimoto (Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine) 13-18
Assessing the values structure among United Arab Emirates university students PDF
Fayez A. Smadi (United Arab Emirates University and Jordan University of Science and Technology), Mohammad A, Kamali (United Arab Emirates University) 19-30
Adverse social comparison processes and negative self-feelings: A test of alternative models PDF
Beverly L. Stiles (Midwestern State University), Howard B. Kaplan (Texas A&M University) 31-44
The allocation of scarce resources: Social housing PDF
Adrian Furnham (University College London), Alastair McClelland (University College London) 45-54
Social capital and social exclusion: Immigrants from the former Soviet Union in Israel PDF
Daphna Canetti-Nisim (University of Haifa), Ami Pedahzur (University of Haifa), Yael Yishai (University of Haifa) 55-66
Say please: The effect of the word "please" in compliance-seeking requests PDF
Michael W. Firmin (Cedarville University), Janine M. Helmick (Cedarville University), Brian A. Iezzi (Cedarville University), Aaron Vaughn (Cedarville University) 67-72
Societies' different strengths in computer science education and research PDF
Angela C. Sodan (University of Windsor) 73-94
The correlation between intimacy and objective similarity in interpersonal relationships PDF
Shinobu Wakimoto (Institute of Media of Psychology, Japan), Takehiro Fujihara (Kwansei Gakuin University) 95-102