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Volume 31 Issue 6

September 2003


Attitudes toward fraternity hazing among fraternity members, sorority members, and non-Greek students PDF
Cheryl E. Drout (State University of New York at Fredonia), Christie L. Corsoro (SUNY-Fredonia) 535-544
The sense of entitlement to violate the law: Legal disobedience as a public versus a private reaction PDF
Arye Rattner (University of Haifa), Dana Yagil (University of Haifa), Camelia Sherman-Segal (University of Haifa) 545-556
Perceptions of fairness in the justice system: A cross-cultural comparison PDF
Rebecca A. Anderson (Boston College), Amy L. Otto (Albion College) 557-564
The flight attendant uniform: Effects of selected variables on flight attendant image, uniform preference and employee satisfaction PDF
Carrie Leigh Haise (University of California), Margaret H. Rucker (University of California) 565-576
The relationship between the revised NEO-Personality Inventory and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator PDF
Adrian Furnham (University College London), Joanna Moutafi (University College London), John Crump (University College London) 577-584
Do psychology courses reduce belief in psychological myths? PDF
Lionel G. Standing (Bishop's University), Herman Huber (Drew University) 585-592
Flags as a new assessment of mental health status PDF
Jawad A. Fatayer (United Arab Emirates University) 593-602
Pregnancy and changes in female sexual desire: A review PDF
Pamela C. Regan (California State University, Los Angeles), James L. Lyle (California State University, Dominguez Hills), Amy L. Otto (Albion College), Anupama Joshi (California State University, Los Angeles) 603-612
The influence of physical appearance on personnel selection PDF
Micheal L. Shannon (Western State College), C. Patrick Stark (Western State College) 613-624
Is halo helpful? Effects of inducing halo on performance rating accuracy PDF
Richard D. Goffin (The University of Western Ontario), R. Blake Jelley (The University of Western Ontario), Stephen Wagner (Central Michigan University) 625-636
Validation of the Faith Development Scale using longitudinal and cross-sectional designs PDF
Gary K. Leak (Creighton University) 637-642