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Volume 31 Issue 2

March 2003


Motivational goal orientations of intellectually gifted achieving and underachieving students in the United Arab Emirates PDF
Mohamed A. Albaili (United Arab Emirates University) 107-120
Applying the consumer decision model to enforce minimum age tobacco purchasing laws PDF
Michael McCall (Ithaca College), Donald W. Eckrich (Ithaca College), Patricia Libby (Ithaca College), Katherine Garman (Tennessee Department of Public Health) 121-128
Types of preschool experience and sociometric status in the primary school PDF
Philip G. Erwin (Edge Hill College, Ormskirk), John Letchford (Edge Hill College, Ormskirk) 129-132
The effect of different types of reward allocation on future work partner preferences: An indirect test of the self-interest view PDF
Orhan Aydin (Hacettepe University), Deniz N. Sahin (Hacettepe University) 133-142
The differential effects of the learning environment on student achievement motivation: A comparison between frontal and complex instruction strategies PDF
Rachel Ben-Ari (Bar-Ilan University), Liat Eliassy (Bar-Ilan University) 143-166
Imagining partner loss and mortality salience: Consequences for romantic-relationship satisfaction PDF
Eric D. Miller (Kent State University) 167-180
The effect of commitment to a festival on attitude toward the in-group and out-group PDF
Koji Kosugi (Kwansei Gakuin University), Junzo Kato (Kwansei Gakuin University), Takehiro Fujihara (Kwansei Gakuin University) 181-190
Personality and work life: A comparison between hearing-impaired persons and a normal-hearing population PDF
Gunnel A. M. Backenroth-Ohsako (Karolinska Institutet), Peter Wennberg (Karolinska Institutet), Britt Af Klinteberg (Stockholm University) 191-204
The models of judgments of behavior responsibility in Chinese culture from an attributional perspective PDF
Aiqing Zhang (Central China Normal University), Peilan Guan (Business School of Wuhan University), Fanglian Zhou (Central China Normal University), Qian Lu (University of California) 205-214