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Volume 46 Issue 7

July 2018


Classification of human–vehicle interaction: User perspectives on design PDF
Jung Min Lee (Yonsei University), Da Young Ju (Yonsei University) 1057-1070
Team autonomy amplifies the positive effects of proactive personality on work engagement PDF
Aiqin Lv (Shandong University), Ran Lv (Stomatological Hospital of Shandong University), Haixia Xu (Shandong University), Yujun Ning (Stomatological Hospital of Shandong University), Ying Li (Stomatological Hospital of Shandong University) 1071-1082
How does leader–follower fit or misfit in communication style matter for work outcomes? PDF
Hua Fan (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), Bing Han (Shanghai Jiao Tong University) 1083-1100
Job satisfaction and work productivity: The role of conflict-management culture PDF
Younyoung Choi (Hanyang Cyber University), Junghee Ha (Hanyang University) 1101-1110
Who am I? Migrant workers’ bicultural identity integration, social support, and social maladjustment PDF
Tinghu Kang (Northwest Normal University) 1111-1122
Higher self-esteem is linked to greater stereotype threat among academically low- achieving students PDF
Qi Wang (Tianjin University of Commerce), Guoliang Yu (Renmin University of China), Christina Pedram (University of California, Irvine), Chuansheng Chen (University of California, Irvine) 1123-1132
Return migration of ethnic Turkish youth to Turkish universities PDF
Birsen Sahin Kütük (Hacettepe University), Nurtaç Ergün (Hacettepe University), Sevgi Çoban (Hacettepe University), Gonca Gökalp Alpaslan (Hacettepe University) 1133-1142
Global leadership competencies and knowledge transfer in Korean multinational corporations: Self-efficacy as a moderator PDF
Dong-Yeol Yoon (University of Ulsan), Seung-hyun Han (University of Georgia at Athens) 1143-1156
Social preference, perceived popularity, athletic ability, and aggression among South Korean adolescents PDF
Kyungsik Kim (Hoseo University) 1157-1168
Supervisor–subordinate guanxi and employee voice behavior: Trust in supervisor as a mediator PDF
Peilin Yan (Zhoukou Normal University) 1169-1178
Who is the honorary ambassador best suited to reflect your organization’s identity? PDF
Sungwook Hwang (Pusan National University), Jiyeon Jeong (Hongik University) 1179-1190
Emotional labor and organizational commitment among South Korean public service employees PDF
Hyun Jung Lee (Myongji University) 1191-1200
City newcomers’ adaptation to urban life, personal well-being, and social support PDF
Tianqiong Xia (Huaiyin Normal University), Yifu Wang (Huaiyin Normal University), Qiyi Lin (Huaiyin Normal University) 1201-1214
Effect of marketing information on purchase intention for proenvironmental products in China PDF
Yang Li (Beijing Technology and Business University) 1215-1232