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Volume 46 Issue 3

March 2018


The mindful self-leader: Investigating the relationships between self-leadership and mindfulness PDF
Marco R. Furtner (Leopold-Franzens University of Innsbruck), Laura Tutzer (Leopold-Franzens University of Innsbruck), Pierre Sachse (Leopold-Franzens University of Innsbruck) 353-360
Perceived control and scarcity appeals PDF
Seon Min Lee (Korea University), Gangseog Ryu (Korea University), Seungwoo Chun (Dongguk University) 361-374
Thinking of better or worse? How goal orientation affects safety behavior in near misses PDF
Hongxu Lu (Zhejiang University), Ting Wu (Zhejiang University City College), Dawei Liu (Power Grid Corporation of Guangdong), Zhe Wang (Zhejiang University) 375-386
Consumer confusion moderates the inertia–purchase intention relationship PDF
Jerry Yuwen Shiu (Tajen University), Shian-Yang Tzeng (Shantou University) 387-394
Procrastination and multidimensional perfectionism: A meta-analysis of main, mediating, and moderating effects PDF
Yu Xie (Hefei University of Technology), Jiyu Yang (Xuancheng Vocational and Technical College), Faxiang Chen (Hefei University of Technology) 395-408
Impact of vertical sequence on consumers’ choice between hedonic and utilitarian products PDF
Luqiong Tong (Beijing Normal University), Song Su (Beijing Normal University) 409-420
Seven days of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy improves attention and coping style PDF
Peng Quan (Guangdong Medical University), Wenna Wang (Guangdong Medical University), Chengjing Chu (Guangdong Medical University), Lingfeng Zhou (Guangdong Medical University) 421-430
Proactive personality and innovative behavior: The mediating roles of job-related affect and work engagement PDF
Yangtao Kong (Shaanxi XueQian Normal University), Mingjun Li (Shaanxi XueQian Normal University) 431-446
Using comprehension strategies for students’ self-efficacy, anxiety, and proficiency in reading English as a foreign language PDF
Hung-Chang Liao (Chung Shan Medical University and Chung Shan Medical University Hospital), Ya-huei Wang (Chung-Shan Medical University and Chung Shan Medical University Hospital) 447-458
Seasonality of consumers’ third-party online complaining behavior PDF
Seungsin Lee (Konkuk University), Jungkun Park (Hanyang University), Hyowon Hyun (Hanyang University), Seungyup Back (Hanyang University), Sukhyung Bryan Lee (Chungwoon University), Frances Gunn (Ryerson University), Jiseon Ahn (University of Houston) 459-470
Nationality differences in the relationship between career decision-making profiles and career self-efficacy PDF
Lihui Ye (Huaqiao University), Liu Liu (Renmin University of China), Hongyan Li (Agricultural University of Hebei), Tianlong Hu (Renmin University of China), Yueran Wen (Renmin University of China), Zhenhu Hou (Inner Mongolia Agricultural University) 471-484
Decision-making self-efficacy mediates the peer support–career exploration relationship PDF
Huafeng Zhang (Tsinghua University), Haitao Huang (Shanghai Normal University) 485-498
Effects of facial trustworthiness and gender on decision making in the Ultimatum Game PDF
Yujia Wu (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications), Li Gao (Shanghai International Studies University), Yan Wan (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications), Fang Wang (Shanghai International Studies University), Sihua Xu (Shanghai International Studies University), Zijing Yang (Zhejiang University), Hengyi Rao (Shanghai International Studies University), Yu Pan (Shanghai International Studies University) 499-516
Relationships between student engagement and academic achievement: A meta-analysis PDF
Hao Lei (East China Normal University), Yunhuo Cui (East China Normal University), Wenye Zhou (East China Normal University) 517-528