Cover Page

Volume 2 Issue 2

January 2017


A Nepalese investigation of the antecedents of self-esteem PDF
David Watkins (University of Hong Kong), Murari Regmi (Tribhuvan University) 49-54
Computer interest differences in preschool children according to sex and psychological sex-typing PDF
Sue W. Williams (Southwest Texas State University), Shirley M. Rosenwasser (Southwest Texas State University) 55-60
Locus of control as a predictor of severity of weight-control strategies in bulimics PDF
Gary Groth-Marnat (Deakin University), Jack F. Schumaker (Deakin University) 61-66
Conflict-resolution strategies and adolescent identity development PDF
Candida C. Peterson (Murdoch University) 67-76
The impact of abortion on social interest PDF
Paul N. Dixon (The University of South Carolina), Welborn Willingham (Texas Tech University), Donald Strano (Washington University) 77-84
Perception of the old by young adults in Nigeria PDF
Funmi Togonu-Bickersteth (Obafemi Awolowo University), Ebenezer Olutope Akinnawo (Ondo State University) 85-88
Correctional recreation and the self-esteem of prison inmates PDF
Jennifer Slater Bryson (Bowling Green State University), David L. Groves (Bowling Green State University) 89-102