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College students’ social media addiction and sleep problems: Chain mediating effects of fear of missing out and nocturnal social media use
Tingrong Yu (Yunnan Agricultural University), Gen Zhang (Universiti Sains Malaysia), 2023, 51(6), e12176


Who of us doesn’t value a good night’s sleep? And even though I have heard many times about the importance of putting aside the phone and not scrolling social media before bed, I often wondered whether it really had that great of an impact on my sleep.

That’s why I found this study so interesting. Yu and Zhang examined the effect of social media addiction on sleep problems among college students. The authors found that social media addiction positively predicts sleep problems and that the higher the degree of social media addiction, the more likely people are to have sleep problems. One possible reason for this is that college students who rely on social media may be completely immersed in it. They constantly think about the content they have watched and planned to publish, causing cognitive arousal, disturbing their sleep, and even inducing eye fatigue and other adverse effects.

Even though this study sample comprised only college students, it certainly provides some pointers that no doubt could assist us all. And when it comes to sleep, I am willing to try anything!

Leisha Gomez | Publishing Editor
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