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Effect of wearing eyeglasses on judgment of socioprofessional group membership

Nicolas Guéguen (University of South Brittany)
Cite this article:  Guéguen, N. (2015). Effect of wearing eyeglasses on judgment of socioprofessional group membership. Social Behavior and Personality: An international journal, 43, 661-666.
Publication date: May 2015


Several researchers have reported that people photographed wearing eyeglasses were perceived as being more intelligent and honest than people who were not wearing them. In this study, conducted in France, I tried to replicate this effect using a forced-choice situation. Participants viewed a photograph of a male target wearing, or not wearing, eyeglasses and were instructed to estimate his socioprofessional group using a well-known French list. Results showed that, compared with the target without eyeglasses, the target wearing eyeglasses was more frequently associated with a higher status socioprofessional group and less often with midstatus or low-status socioprofessional groups. These results confirmed that a common cue of facial appearance is sufficient to activate a stereotype of social group membership.

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