Celebrating our 45th Anniversary!

This year marks our 45th year of journal publishing! To celebrate, we are delighted to release to the public the digitized version of two journals, published by Scientific Journal Publishers between 1981 and 1989.

The publishers of Social Behavior and Personality released these two journals in print only, and would like to make them open to the public in a new, electronic format.

Psychology and Human Development: an international journal (1984–1989) features theoretical or review papers on all aspects of developmental psychology and human development from conception to death.

Third Force Psychology: an international journal of humanistic psychology (1981) showcases articles all aspects of humanistic, phenomenological and existential psychology.

The content and formatting of the articles were edited and updated in 2016 as part of the digitization process, with efforts made to preserve the original meaning. Original page numbers, for referencing purposes, are in light grey font on the right side of the page.

We invite you to access and see what this research from earlier decades still has to offer researchers today, and, perhaps, to explore the changes in psychological exploration over this time. Enjoy the latest complimentary offering on our 45th anniversary from the SBP Journal team!