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Factor analysis and psychometric evaluation of the Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale (CD-RISC) with Chinese people
Xiaonan Yu and Jianxin Zhang, 2007, 35(1), 19–30

Why are we having this innovation? Employee attributions of innovation and implementation behavior
Se Yeon Choi, Goo Hyeok Chung, and Jin Nam Choi, 2019, 47(7), e8124

Relationships between student engagement and academic achievement: A meta-analysis
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The Self-Reflection and Insight Scale: A new measure of private self-consciousness
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Gratitude and happiness: Development of a measure of gratitude and relationships with subjective well-being
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How leadership and trust in leaders foster employees’ behavior toward knowledge sharing
Le Ba Phong, Lei Hui, and Than Thanh Son, 2018, 46(5), 705–720

Some thoughts on the psychological roots of the behavior of serial killers as narcissists: An object relations perspective
Zelda G. Knight, 2006, 34(10), 1189–1206

Factors influencing the behavioral intention to use food delivery apps
Eun-Yong Lee, Soo-Bum Lee, and Yu Jung Jennifer Jeon, 2017, 45(9), 1461–1474

Self-efficacy, self-esteem and their impact on academic performance
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Servant leadership and team performance: The mediating role of knowledge-sharing climate
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