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Relationships between student engagement and academic achievement: A meta-analysis
Hao Lei, Yunhuo Cui, and Wenye Zhou, 2018, 46(3), 517–528

Health-promoting lifestyles and personality among Black South African Students
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The Self-Reflection and Insight Scale: A new measure of private self-consciousness
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Gratitude and happiness: Development of a measure of gratitude and relationships with subjective well-being
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Measuring happiness with a single-item scale
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Factor analysis and psychometric evaluation of the Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale (CD-RISC) with Chinese people
Xiaonan Yu and Jianxin Zhang, 2007, 35(1), 19–30

School satisfaction among Chinese mainland adolescents
Li li Tian and Rich Gilman, 2009, 37(8), 1095–1100

Self-efficacy, self-esteem and their impact on academic performance
John Lane, Andrew M. Lane, and Anna Kyprianou, 2004, 32(3), 247–256

The impact of life coaching on goal attainment, metacognition, and mental health
Anthony M. Grant, 2003, 31(3), 253-264

Psychological safety, employee voice, and work engagement
Yuanqin Ge, (2020), 48(3), e8907