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“Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and for your consistent approach to academic publishing.”

"It's always a pleasure to review for SBP Journal  I enjoy doing it."

"Thank you very much for the work you have done to publish my manuscript. I had an enjoyable publishing experience with you!"

“Thank you for all your support and assistance with the publication of my research.”

"It’s a pleasure to work with your company. I find your publication educational, inspiring and motivating and enjoy seeing the new articles in each issue."

"We are very grateful for your help with the publication process and your friendly and prompt responses to our queries. It was a very enjoyable experience, thank you very much. We look forward to working with the SBP Journal team again in the future."

“I am very glad to have had the opportunity to work with you! I really appreciate the detailed comments from the copyeditors and the fast processing of my manuscript. I hope to work with you again soon!”

“Many thanks for everything. I have had an enjoyable publishing experience.”

“Thank you very much for your perfect work!”

“It is such an honor to have my work accepted for publication in a premier journal like Social Behavior and Personality. It has been one of the most delightful and memorable experiences in my higher education career to work with SBP Journal.”

“It’s so refreshing to experience real class, first hand! Thanks so much.”

“Timely response from the editor. Quick turn-around from initial submission to actual publication. Thank you so much!”

“The critique of the article was outstanding. All the suggested revisions were implemented. The final result was worth it.”

“Excellent!...and I must say the best run journal I’ve ever had anything to do with…bar none!!!”

“Let me thank you for the excellent quality of publication: the editorial support, including help with style and the language use, the quality of print, and the whole of the communication process with the author are remarkable.”

"SBP Journal has always been my favorite publication venue for several reasons and I have always been comfortable working with you"

"Your assistance with my publication in SBP Journal is very much appreciated! The quality of my manuscript has been greatly enhanced by your very careful proofreading."
"I’d like to say that I am quite satisfied with your prompt publication, effectiveness, and earnestness."

"At a time when communication via our computers is becoming so prevalent, your achievement of being included in ISI and its SCI is noteworthy. Congratulations... and thanks!"

“The publication process was efficient and quick. Detailed, considered feedback from reviewers.”

“Your staff have been wonderful to work with during this entire process, some of the best communication I’ve had from any journal editor or assistant. Know that it has not gone unnoticed nor unappreciated. Makes me want to submit more papers to your journal in the future!”

“Working with you and SBP Journal was a special experience for us. I hope we will work together again in the future.”

“I think that the SBP Journal staff are doing an outstanding job and should be commended for your efforts to publish scholarly contributions from researchers and professionals in the areas of social, developmental, and personality psychology.”

“Excellent publication process. Nothing to be improved.”

"I consider SBP Journal to be a well-known international journal. The criteria for articles chosen to be published are becoming very familiar to me."

“As always, the efficiency of your organization is impressive!”

“Rapid turn-around and effective use of computer sites rather than printed manuscripts made this an admirably efficient process! I only wish more journals met this standard.”

“Publishing in this journal has been a pleasant experience from start to finish.”
“The rapidity with which you provided a positive response to the manuscript exceeded my expectations.”

"Please keep me in mind for reviews in the future. SBP Journal is an important journal in our field and I would enjoy doing my part to keep it up to its fine standard of scholarship."

"The publishing experience for me, as an author, was unforgettable and pleasant from beginning to end. The publication process was very efficient and  rapid. I am very impressed with the high quality of communication and positive response to the manuscript. I am very satisfied with the work of the whole Journal Team. Thank you very much for the editorial support, for help with style and language, and for your proofing work."

“Thank you so much for your extremely prompt communication and for the publication of my article. That is an example of customer service at its finest!”

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