COVID-19 Research: Our response to extraordinary times

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Each of us working to produce Social Behavior and Personality is doing our best to continue with our regular activities to get the latest psychology research out to you, our readers. But we realize that the times we are living in now are anything but ordinary.

Unprecedented challenges are emerging for people in both work and family spheres—spheres that for most have been essentially separated and that they now find strangely brought together in the same physical space. Concern for physical and mental well-being is now overshadowing our daily lives. We recognize that this all adds pressures and strains; we’re feeling those too. So, we also understand when this means a revised manuscript takes a little longer to submit, or a peer review is not as thorough as you’d normally produce.

For researchers and psychologists these extraordinary times have also opened up many new questions and challenges in the behavioral sciences. Crucial research into the medical science of COVID-19 and the coronavirus is taking place at astonishing speed. And already, we are hearing of important research examining the psychological impacts of these rapidly changing situations. A few areas we want to know more about include

  • What social behaviors are being seen amidst social distancing and lockdowns? What implications could such new norms and enforced situations have for our future social interactions and relationships?
  • What typifies outbreaks of panic buying? What sense of control does this behavior entail?
  • How do different leadership styles and trust in leadership (in both countries and organizations) affect compliance with lockdown regulation?
  • How can a sense of togetherness be created when we are all physically isolated?
  • Which tools (e.g., communication, conflict resolution) can help individuals to reduce the challenges during this unprecedented episode?
We know the research done now will benefit our society for decades to come, far beyond the state of emergency that we are facing. That means we want to do our part to get your research seen, so we are setting up a few new policies for COVID-19 research:

  • An expedited review process for every manuscript submitted with the keywords “COVID-19” or “coronavirus.”
  • A fast-tracked publication process, with a goal of getting research from submission to publication in less than six months.
  • Immediate open access publication for all relevant articles.
  • A reduced, flat publication fee* for these specific submissions, to make open and prompt publication as straightforward as possible.
Our thoughts are with all of you pursuing advances in scientific understanding while at the same time coping yourselves with a wildly changing world. We want to offer our encouragement, provide flexibility on your publishing opportunities moving forward with SBP, and wish the best of health to you and yours.

With warm greetings,

The SBP team.

*Articles of up to 5,000 words will be published for a flat fee of US $2,990.