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Volume 31 Issue 8

December 2003


Locus of control, nAch and values of community entrepreneurs PDF
Francisco Diaz (Universidad de Granada), Andres Rodriguez (Universidad de Granada) 739-748
Expressions of modern racism in judgments of others: The role of task and target specificity on attributions of guilt PDF
Jeffrey E. Pfeifer (University of Regina), Daniel J. Bernstein (University of Kansas) 749-766
My right I: Deception detection and hemispheric differences in self-awareness PDF
Sarah Malcolm (Montclair State University), Julian Paul Keenan (Montclair State University) 767-772
Swedish adaptations of the Novaco Anger Scale-1998, the Provocation Inventory, and the State-Trait Anger Expression Inventory-2 PDF
Judit Krisztina Lindqvist (Stockholm University), Anna Maria Daderman (Stockholm University), Ake Hellstrom (Stockholm University) 773-788
Children's home responsibilities: Factors predicting children's household work PDF
David J. Cheal (University of Winnipeg) 789-794
Lay theories of causes of and cures for depression in a Turkish university sample PDF
Okan Cem Cirakoglu (Baskent University), Dogan Kokdemir (Baskent University), Kursad Demirutku (Baskent University) 795-806
Predicting the risk for aggression in the workplace: Risk factors, self-esteem and time at work PDF
Steve Harvey (Bishop's University), Loraleigh Keashley (Wayne State University) 807-814
Trait emotional intelligence and happiness PDF
Adrian Furnham (University College London), K. V. Petrides (University of London) 815-824
Evaluation of soul city school and mass media life skills education among junior secondary school learners In South Africa PDF
Karl Peltzer (Human Sciences Research Council and University of the North), Supa Promtussananon (University of Venda for Science and Technology) 825-834
Child sexual abuse myth acceptance among aspirant, trainee, and registered psychologists in Durban, South Africa PDF
Steven J. Collings (University of Natal) 835-842